Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clive Barker Sebbaticus creature

So this is a creature that I worked on a couple of weeks ago at work for our creature pipeline research. He is based off a toy I got a while ago from Todd Mcfarlen's Clive Barker carnival series. The beauty render is in Maya using turtle. He's about 11,00 tris with 3 textures, diffuse x 512, spec x 1024, normal x 2048. The render is using subsurface scattering so there are 4 more textures (512 apiece) to control that. At some point I will do research on how to compress this info into a my diffuse and spec maps with a areal time shader. The character took about a week to complete.

Zbrsuh model (20 mil polys)

Maya Model model (13,00 tris)

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