Saturday, July 19, 2008

took a break

So i took a break for a sec to just sculpt a really quick head. I also took a cloth test I did for another character and adjusted it to fit the old guy - its alright...whatever. Anyway - RO will be have some updates soon too as soon as I get done with COD 5.

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Kablack said...

Hey, I know I am beyond late with some feedback, but these look great, man. You gotta let me know when you get some updates going on Omery. I just got my hands on ZBrush, so I need to start messing around with that. I'll post some experiments whenever I finally get around to doing them. Maybe I cna make it on your blogroll! Woo Hoo! Hope all's well, man. Sorry I missed SIGGRAPH this year. Sounds like it was a blast.